As music creators, we make great music, but turning that music into income might require a different strategy and approach that we don’t know about. If you’ve ever struggled with this, don’t worry – you are 100% not alone.

It’s a safe bet to say that most music creators aren’t making a recurring income from their music. That’s why I’m on a mission to help music creators just like you reach that level, and claim you stake in the recurring income market through sync licensing.

What Is The
Super Sync Squad

I’ve set out to build a Private Learning Community where music creators of all genres will learn the very step-by-step processes to grow a recurring income through sync licensing!

I’ll be helping you turn your music into a recurring royalty income stream by getting your music on TV & Film.

...The Dopest Part About It?

I’m on this journey RIGHT along with you! You’ll see me deploying the same strategies and using the same approaches that I’m teaching you – in real time, each step of the way. so, when I learn something new, you learn it too!

Are you ready to grow & get results in Sync Licensing?

Whether you’re currently thinking about licensing your music to TV & FILM, or feeling stuck at step number one – the Super Sync Squad is here to help you take action and start landing TV & Film placements.

Thriving as a member of our community is easy if you align with any of these statements:

  • You want to get TV & Film Placements
  • You make music and want to be heard
  • You want to earn income from you original music
  • You’re tired of not being recognized for your hard music work
  • You’re ready to start earning royalties from your music